RCN FORECAST Conference 2012

9-11 October, Woods Hole, MA USA
Promoting New Perspectives on Data Assimilation in Global Change Science

RCN FORECAST, October 9-11, 2012, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA

The FORECAST (Forecasts Of Resource and Environmental Changes: Data Assimilation Science and Technology) initiative, a Research Coordination Network (RCN) funded by the National Science Foundation, will host a conference on emerging modeling tools for global change research. The goals of the conference include i) broader dissemination of data assimilation (DA) methods that ecologists can use to address environmental challenges and ii) identification of ecological problems and research themes that can benefit from new or enhanced modeling and analysis tools.

Interwoven with a few talks by prominent ecologists, this workshop focuses on new investigators (recent PhDs), recognizing the uneven opportunities for training in environmental science programs. Research applications will be shared through invited and contributed talks. Discussions will focus on topics that include (but are not limited to) application areas in A1) biogeochemical cycles, A2) biodiversity, A3) emerging infectious disease, and A4) animal movement and health, and crosscutting challenges that derive from C1) multiple data sources, C2) diverse scales of data and process, and C3) DA-assisted forecasting.


9-11 October 2012


Marine Biological Laboratory,
Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA

Invited Speakers

Andrew Latimer
Ephraim Hanks
Ines Ibanez
Jerry Melillo
Sasha Hararuk
Jim Clark
Juan Morales
Mat Williams
Matt Ferrari
Mevin Hooten
Mike Dietze
Perry DeValpine
Scott Loarie
Terry Chapin

UC Davis
Colorado State University
University of Michigan
Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole
University of Oklahoma
Duke University
Statistical Laboratory
University of Edinburgh
The Pennsylvania State University
Colorado State University
Boston University
UC Berkeley
Stanford University
University of Alaska Fairbanks

RCN FORECAST conference co-organizers:

Jim Clark (Duke University, jimclark@duke.edu)
Yiqi Luo (University of Oklahoma, yluo@ou.edu)
Shannon LaDeau (Cary Institute (IES), ladeaus@caryinstitute.org)
Kiona Ogle (Arizona State University, Kiona.Ogle@asu.edu)
Shuli Niu (University of Oklahoma, sniu@ou.edu)
David Schimel (NEON, dschimel@neoninc.org)

Important Dates:

Abstract Due: 1 Aug

Abstract Decision: 1 Sep

Registration Deadline: 20 Sep

The NSF RCN FORECAST grant will cover expenses of all invited and selected speakers and have some limited traveling grants available for participants, especially graduate students and post-docs .

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