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Department of Microbiology & Plant Biology
University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK 73019
Lab Phone: (405) 325-6519;(405) 325-8578
Dr. Luo's Office: (405) 325-1651
Fax: (405) 325-7619

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Dr. Yiqi Luo was trained as an ecologist with an emphasis on systems analysis and modeling. His current research focuses on data-model integration to improve our ability to predict ecosystem responses to global change. Dr. Luo's research is aimed at understanding interactions and dynamics of carbon, nutrient, and water resources in ecosystems. His work concerns a variety of ecosystem types, including forests, grasslands, and coastal wetlands. He is particularly interested in how ecophysiological processes are manifested at the ecosystem levels and used to address issues in global change including terrestrial carbon sequestration and atmosphere-biosphere coupling.

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